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Lifestyle Financial Planning

What do some people know that you don’t – which means that they are able to use their financial resources to live the life they dream about and pass their wealth on rather than have it swallowed up in taxes or healthcare costs?

We tell you the truth about money – how much is enough? We help you determine what enough looks like for you. We analyse your current finances and tell you if you are on track to realise your dreams and what to do if you aren’t.

For example the five years between 55 and 60 might be your best – but if you don’t have enough money to retire at 55 you may miss out on what might have been, and you’ll never have those years again. How do you know when you have enough capital to retire?

We believe its all about you. We help you to understand the financial secrets of the wealthy, and work with you to devise a plan, which is regularly reviewed, for turning your dreams into reality.

Everyone’s situation and goals are unique. However, we do recognise that there are key times in life when particular concerns are common amongst many clients.

We illustrate some here. For every client we utilise our 4 stage approach and offer a bespoke solution, but there are common objectives and common instances of potential life changes encountered:


Lifestyle Financial Planning for Young Professionals

Common objectives: The basics of house purchase, protections and retirement planning.

Common life changes: Marriage, starting a family, job changes.


Comprehensive Financial Planning

Common objectives: House moves, career development, evaluating pension provisions and remuneration packages, children’s education.

Common life changes: Death or long term care of a parent, career re-evaluation.


Lifestyle Financial Planning for the Retired

Common objectives: Utilising capital for income, assisting children/grandchildren.

Common life changes: Illness, later life care, bereavement.



Lifestyle planning

Need a financial health check? A useful tool to discover if you have, or will have, enough money set aside to fund your retirement. Register your interest and we will invite you to our next lifestyle planning event. Register here.

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